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Song Coaching - Tara Shannon

Working on a song? Need objective feedback? Want to learn more about the craft? Book this.

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 125 Canadian dollars
  • Online Session

Service Description

Song Coaching is an opportunity for you to discover, refine, and elevate your songwriting skills. 🌳 Crafting Your Unique Voice: Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned songwriter, our coaching is tailored to nurture your unique voice, ensuring your songs resonate authentically with your audience. 🌳 Lyricism and Melody Mastery: Every great song is a delicate balance of compelling lyrics and unforgettable melodies. We guide you through the art of crafting impactful lyrics that tell your story and melodies that linger in the hearts of your listeners. Uncover the secrets of song structure, rhythm, and harmony that transform your musical ideas into captivating compositions. 🌳 Breaking Through Creative Blocks: Songwriting, like any artistic endeavour, encounters moments of challenge. Our coaching service is designed to help you overcome creative blocks and find inspiration in unexpected places. Discover techniques to reignite your creative spark, navigate writer's block, and transform obstacles into stepping stones on your songwriting journey. 🌳 Demystifying Song Structure: Understanding the architecture of a song is fundamental to captivating your audience. Our coaching dives deep into song structure, helping you master the art of verses, choruses, bridges, and everything in between. Learn to create a seamless flow that keeps your listeners engaged from the first note to the final chord. 🌳 Performance and Audience Connection: Songwriting is not just about the words on paper; it's about the emotional connection you create with your audience. Our coaching service extends beyond the writing process to explore performance techniques. Develop stage presence, connect with your audience, and bring your songs to life in a way that leaves a lasting impact. 🌳 Launching Your Songwriting Career: Dreaming of sharing your songs with the world? Our coaching service includes practical guidance on navigating the music industry. From recording demos to pitching your songs, we equip you with the tools and knowledge to take your songwriting from a personal passion to a thriving career.

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