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The Syndicut is a unique and exclusive program for artists and writers looking for

support in their development. With a special focus on education,

The Syndicut empowers music creators in becoming successful
entrepreneurs earning a sustainable living in music.

The program acts as an incubator with continuous skill development

through one-on-one personalized coaching while providing additional opportunities

through the publishing company, Syndicut Music Publishing,

and sister label Willow Sound Records.

Choosing a career path as a music creator has its challenges

and getting the right kind of support is essential to success.

The Syndicut membership model is designed to provide that individual support

as well as a sense of belonging within a community

of like minded music creators all working toward becoming successful Musicpreneurs.


Syndicut & Sangria

Join industry professional Tara Shannon 
for networking, music industry insight, and sangria!
Sunday, September 11th
Venue TBD

*complimentary Sangria & Snacks included*


Syndicut Music Publishing is a Nashville-based music publishing and writer development entity founded by Music Row veteran Debbie Zavitson and Canadian award winning indie artist Tara Shannon. Home to an ever expanding catalogue featuring a wide range of songs, find the perfect fit for your next project right here.

Other services include song and/or catalogue representation, 
sync placement & writer development.

Notebook and Pen
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